Will ‘Grey Man’ Beat ‘Red Notice’ and Become Netflix’s Biggest Movie?

Will ‘Grey Man’ Beat ‘Red Notice’ and Become Netflix’s Biggest Movie?

gray man netflix is ​​unlikely to beat red attention don't look up

The Gray Man – Image: Netflix.

Gray man is one of Netflix’s biggest productions to date and many expected it to make waves and become one of Netflix’s biggest hits of all time. Despite a good start, it doesn’t look like it will be enough to reach the heights Red message or Don’t look up.

Debuted on July 22. Gray man was Netflix’s biggest movie of 2022 in the summer It had an all-star cast, with Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling as the two main stars, and was directed by the Russo Brothers. Many people know that the film has an extraordinary price tag of more than 200 million.

So how well is The Gray Man doing on Netflix and is it pulling ahead Red message or Don’t look up.

In summary, here’s what 2022 looks like. August 5 Top 10 movies (by hours watched in the first 28 days):

  1. Red message – 364,020,000
  2. Don’t look up – 359,790,000
  3. Bird box – 282,020,000
  4. Adam’s project – 233,160,000
  5. Withdrawal – 231,340,000
  6. Inexcusable – 214,700,000
  7. Irish – 214,570,000
  8. Kissing booth 2 – 209,250,000
  9. 6 underground – 205,470,000
  10. Spencer Confidential – 197,320,000

So far, the answer is that the Gray Man isn’t pulling the numbers to get to the top spot.

Within 2 weeks from July 17 until July 31 the film had 185.02 million views worldwide on Netflix.

A period of a week Hours watched (M) Weekly ranking Top 10 of the week
in 2022 July 17 – in 2022 July 24 88,550,000 1 1
From 2022 July 24 until 2022 July 31 96,470,000 (+9%) 1 2

Opening weekend difference between Red message is the best indicator that The Gray Man is unlikely to reach the top spot. The film attracted almost half of the Rs 148.72 crore. hours Red message to reach

It was also less than both Adam’s project and don’t look up although The Adam Project dropped in week 2, Gray man acquired.

netflix gray man vs adam project vs red notice vs don't watch

Hourly Data Chart The Gray Man vs Red Notice vs Don’t Look Up vs The Adam Project

Who is Netflix contributor Frederik, who also runs Netflix’s watch sub-group Netflix and Chiffres, expects about a 60% drop in Week 3 and another 30% in Week 4.

Using these numbers would mean approximately 38,588,000 hours in week 3 and 27,011,600 hours in week 4.

Given that trajectory, we’re currently expecting The Gray Man to become Netflix’s third- or fourth-biggest movie release, based on Netflix’s own numbers. This would make the movie forward or backward Bird box.

Why did Don’t Look Up and Red Notice do so well?

This question undoubtedly has a million different answers, mostly based on subjective opinions. One can argue Red message ultimately had more star power.

One reason for the strategy could be the release of these two films, Don’t look up especially. This film made huge profits in the second week around the holidays when people would have been at home.

As you may know, Gray man was released in theaters a week before its Netflix debut. Did it affect viewership? The answer is that we don’t know, but it seems unlikely. Netflix doesn’t release any of its box office revenue, so it’s impossible to say how many people went to see the movie in theaters instead of on Netflix, but it’s worth noting.

But it’s clear that The Gray Man did enough to be considered a hit by Netflix, with a sequel announced the week after its release.

What could be the next big Netflix movie to beat Red message? It’s a tough question, but our guess would be this The Glass Onion: The Secret of Knives (aka Knives out 2) has the highest chance of release in 2022. in autumn

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