The tide rolls!  Shop the “Bama Rush TikTok” trend for 2022

The tide rolls! Shop the “Bama Rush TikTok” trend for 2022

Are you ready to run?

If you are a student of the University of Alabama, you have been ready for weeks. On the other hand, if you’ve been on TikTok, then you might as well be ready to commit.

Last year, the #bamarush hashtag exploded on the popular video platform, with college students from Alabama and other mainly southern universities sharing their clothes of the day (or #OOTD for short) and what was packed into their overflowing bag bag to carry from house to house during peak week.

This year is no different with these videos blasting nationwide. So much so that many TikTok users have made parodies of the trend, created songs and other trending hashtags, and some users have been so involved in the journeys of specific fraternity promises that they have become full-fledged influencers.

For the peak season of 2022, we saw the same huge wave, namely the Crimson Tide, at the start of the first week of Alabama Rush 2022. After the first week of planning handled by current fraternity members, the main flagship event arrives. , with dresses, bags and heels in abundance before the final offer day and infamous “songs at the door” in abundance.

Until then, pack your bag and check out Kendra Scott and Shein’s sites, because we have a sisterhood-approved grocery list for you. Ready to bind the New York Post? So read on for our recommendations.

Shop the trend: must-have brands and products inspired by #bamarushtok 2022

1. Kendra Scott

When your jewelry is not “normal” or “Meemaw”, it is 100% Kendra Scott. This running joke was a reality for ‘Bama rush, with the one and only Kendra Scott herself joining the trend with her TikTok. Popular gems include the Elisa gold pendant necklace, matching Elle gold drop earrings, and anything in Panhellenic colors.

2. Monogram tote bag

A black and white tote bag with the letter N on it

What’s in your running bag? But also, what’s your running bag? To stand out, be sure to grab a bag with your name or monogram on it. We love this simple one-letter bag from Amazon that comes with a cute bow, but you can also buy the classic LL Bean Boat and Tote.

3. Lulu’s Rush Dresses

Lulu was also the main character in Rush 2021, so for this year they have come prepared. Head over to the site now and you’ll see a whole category of fraternity party dresses, with options for philanthropy day, offer day, and more. They also have cute college clothes, perfect for back to school.

4. Skirts and skirts

Alongside two pink skirts
Lululemon (left) Lilly Pulitzer (right)

For the days when you need to wear your panhellenic t-shirt, pair it with one of these flounced skirts and you’ll look great. While many get theirs from “The Pants Store”, we’ve also heard many OOTD videos featuring skirts and skirts from lululemon and Lilly Pulitzer alike.

5. Shein Statement Earrings

Two pairs of orange and fuchsia earrings

No matter what peak day, your earrings should be as large as possible, with feathers, rhinestones and glitz for days. Shein is where many find the perfect match, with options for all of the above. We love these tassel drop earrings that come in all colors, or this geometric pair that we swear we’ve seen everywhere #rushtok.

6. Wedge heels

Two pairs of wedges
Steve Madden

When you have to wear heels all day in dozens of homes and businesses, at least make sure they are as comfortable as possible. That’s why we noticed many potential members wore running wedges, with Steve Madden being the most fallen name in their outfit videos.

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