The 10 best pieces of luggage for any type of travel

The 10 best pieces of luggage for any type of travel

Whether you’ve booked a 6-day cruise, a 10-day trip abroad, or even just a weekend getaway, you need reliable luggage. When your stuff is safe, you feel at ease. Take the worry out of packing and take a look at the bags and totes we recommend to take the stress out of travel.

If you’re concerned about functionality, style, size, durability, and versatility, you’ll have no problem finding everything you need. Traveling can be stressful, but this is one way to reduce it. There are even some unique things that you might not have thought you needed, but will make your travels incredibly smoother.

The ultimate all-around weekend bag, the Everlane ReNew Transit Bag is ready for any adventure. It has a padded laptop sleeve, two water bottle holders, multiple pockets and a luggage handle pass-through. No need to worry about juggling all the bags in your hands, as this bag can be carried across the body, on the shoulder or on the suitcase. Don’t forget the zero buyer’s remorse you’ll experience because the bag is also made from 100 percent recycled polyester.

This luxurious Leatherology Weekender bag is beauty at its best: functional. For a more sophisticated look, this one is for you. With plenty of pockets for all your loose items and a roomy interior for bulky items, you’re set. It has an adjustable shoulder strap for versatile carrying and is available for personalization. Additionally, this bag is part of the Better Cotton Initiative for sustainable cotton to protect and restore our environment. Wear your weekend in style with one of six colors.

Nothing makes traveling with kids more bearable than making their experience more fun! Not to mention, it makes the experience easier. The JetKids Stokke roll-on suitcase is a lifesaver. In this case, you can not only pack essentials, but also a flight cot to increase the comfort of the child during your trip. Your child can also ride on or pull the suitcase without worries. If they get tired, which is usually inevitable, there’s an adjustable strap so you can drag it or carry it over your shoulder. To make it even better, the top lid has extra storage space and a handle for your child to grab while riding.

Moving on to the main luggage, here is the Samsonite hard case, which is designed to last throughout your travels. Built with durability and versatility in mind, this impossibly light carry-on makes traveling smaller. This case is also made with security in mind with a TSA combination lock. Don’t forget the four directional wheels! Overall, this case is ready to take on the challenges of travel and make it a little less stressful.

For those with slightly more elegant tastes, the Beis 29-inch registration roller is available. This case is unique in that it has a weight limit indicator so you know if you’ve packed too much. Genius! Plus, you have the option of expanding 2 inches with straps and endless pockets to keep all your items inside and organized. It only gets better with a TSA combination lock as well. This is the perfect modern, stylish hard case for effortless travel.

To get all the benefits of a hard case, but also to experience maximum peace of mind, the Tumi Hard Case is for you. It’s lightweight and ready for the stress of travel. Its construction has folds and reinforced corners to promote impact resistance. Compression straps and pockets provide more space and organization. The key here, however, is the Tumi Tracer®. This is an exclusive program for Tumi customers. The case has a 20-digit item number that is entered into the Tumi database along with the owner’s information. Tumi can be notified in case of loss of the case’s unique number. If you ever lose your suitcase, this system makes it easy to find! This is a bag worth investing in.

If hard cases aren’t what you’re looking for, or you just need a carry-on, this Samsonite rollaway spinner could be just the thing. This case has pockets and an expandable center to make sure you can optimize your space. It has tie-down straps, which we need when we pack just a little too much to fit in those overhead bins. Something else makes this case stand out, though: it has a USB charging port. There are no compromises here; you get everything to make your trip easy as pie.

For all your other luggage needs—which can sometimes seem endless—here are other bags that will make your adventures easier, more sustainable, and more organized. First up we have the Terra Hanging Toiletry Bag from Calpak. This revolutionary design combines a hanging bag with a compact toiletry bag for easy access to your goodies! This bag has a hidden collapsible hanging hook, an external toothbrush holder and a top grab handle. The interior is waterproof with multiple pockets. Now your bathroom products can stay clean, easy to access and easy to pack.

Packing isn’t all fun and games. Trying to figure out how to pack everything into your bags can be one of the most stressful parts of traveling, not to mention how frustrating it is when you get to your destination and things are all over the place. When it comes to packing and organizing, these Veken packing cubes are the gold standard. This is a set of six different sized packing cubes to help you get the most out of your luggage. The fabric is waterproof to prevent dirt. They’re also a great way to categorize clothes or by person if you’re sharing! It’s time to optimize your packaging.

Beis Survival Belt

Shop now $58


  • 15 x 5.5 x 2 inches
  • The waist strap is 38 inches at the longest and 21 inches at the shortest.
  • The lining is 100% recycled polyester

For a personal item, the Beis sling is the perfect stylish yet versatile bag to take with you. Not only is this a limited edition, popular design, but it’s also ridiculously functional. There are three external pockets to fit everything you need. You’ll have a detachable waist strap as well as a shoulder strap for versatility. Also includes a D-ring to attach keys to. While you need a large bag or suitcase to survive your trip, this is the bag to survive your trip. Whether it’s sightseeing and attractions, or getting back to nature, this bag won’t be out of place.

Now you’re ready with every piece of luggage and more you’ll need for your travels.

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