Phoebe Bridgers keeps the music going during an intimate SF show after Outside Lands’ set

Phoebe Bridgers keeps the music going during an intimate SF show after Outside Lands’ set

Phoebe Bridgers performs at the Outside Lands music festival in Golden Gate Park. Photo: Santiago Mejia / The Chronicle

Forget Red Bull, it’s time to start bottling and selling whatever makes singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers tick.

Having closed the Twin Peaks stage during Outside Lands’ opening night just hours earlier, the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter showed no signs of fatigue as he performed an intimate aftershow at the 500-capacity Independent on Friday, August 5.

And that’s in addition to Bridgers’ surprise performance the night before in Healdsburg, where she reportedly played a full set for roughly 150 guests at the newly opened Little Saint bar and vegan restaurant.

Highlights from Outside Lands 2022

Bridgers performs at Outside Lands. Photo: Santiago Mejia / The Chronicle

Long before Bridgers took the stage at The Independent on Friday, the line snaking down Divisadero Street offered visible evidence of just how popular the artist has become during a career that’s still only five years and two solo albums old. Last fall, her concert at Berkeley’s Greek Theater was an instant sell-out, making the chance to see the Bridgers in a venue as small as the Independent a rare treat.

Accompanying her for the specially billed “acoustic only” performance were Bridgers’ usual bandmates, plus the special addition of her dog, Maxine, who seemed perfectly happy to snuggle between her and the other guitarist on a large beige couch that took up most of the stage.

“I just told them to make it like a 1980s living room,” Bridgers explained midway through her set, gesturing to the blue and pink lava lamps that flanked her centerpiece. “I think they succeeded.”

The decor wasn’t the only thing that got high marks.

Showcasing the voice that has earned her a legion of die-hard fans, Bridgers mostly stayed seated as she ran through popular set lists of “Kyoto,” “Waiting Room” and “Motion Sickness,” which she also rocked during her Golden Gate Park festival set. . . With Bridgers taking to the stage at 11.30pm, it was already Saturday when Charlie Hickey, currently signed to his Dead Oceans label, Saddest Factory, returned to join his boss for a soulful version of ‘Chinese Satellite’.

Among other highlights, Bridgers second-guessed a Birkenstocks joke she apparently told in San Francisco at an earlier show and wisely decided to send her pooch offstage before leading the crowd in a chorus of “Happy Birthday” and presenting a cake her friend her table of goods. Bridgers even managed to find a suitable guitar to perform “Smoke Signals” after initially telling a fan who requested it that it was “one song we can’t do tonight”.

Taking time to chat and mingle with audience members near the front of the stage during her set, Bridgers came across as amiable, genuinely pleased to be playing to the small crowd and, understandably, a little tired.

“It’s past my bedtime,” she revealed shortly before finishing her second set of the night.

As the clock struck 00:40, Bridgers again found a reserve of energy to use to send the appreciative crowd home with a blinding, acoustic, but still exuberantly cathartic rendition of “I Know the End.”

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