Loki Writer responds to fan complaints about MCU time travel inconsistency

Loki Writer responds to fan complaints about MCU time travel inconsistency

Ms. Marvel The MCU brought a lot of new concepts, from heroic fantasy to mutants, but it also touched on a familiar one: time travel. Avengers: Endgame was the first MCU project to dive into time travel and established the rule that adventures in history don’t change the past but create a new timeline, a concept that was further cemented Bows.

During Kamala’s battle with the Secret Wars, her bracelet ended up sending her back in time to the compartment where she crossed paths with her grandmother as a child and met her father just in time to catch the train. Many at the time were quick to share their belief that this was against the MCU’s existing rules of time travel, as Kamala directly affected the existing timeline.

Now a writer who was associated with both Bows and Ms. Marvel have offered their thoughts on whether the MCU’s time travel rules have already been broken.

MCU writer explains Ms. Marvel’s time travels

Marvel's Ms. Time Travel
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In a recent interview with Cinema Blend Bows writer and Ms. Marvel creator Bisha K. Ali responded to criticism of how Kamala Khan’s MCU debut handled time travel.

The MCU writer explained it Ms. MarvelTime travel would not cause a Nexus event “because of its inevitability” which makes it “closed loop:”

“Yes, we had Avengers: Endgame [rules] that you cannot return as a consequence [way]. … However, between Endgame and [Ms. Marvel], there was another little show called Loki where I was very involved in figuring out how time could work. And I would say that I don’t think it would have caused the Nexus event because of its inevitability. So it was a closed loop. This is what happens. … And it was also the fact that the Nexus event is caused by… You know what? Someone is calling me out, either a fan or Marvel. I can’t tell which one. But I will say that it made perfect sense to me, and it fits into the logic set by TVA, which I think seemed like the final decision at the time.

Ms. Marvel was met with intense fan criticism at the time of its release, as possible Avengers: Endgame and Bowsto the established rules of time travel.

@darthwebhead questioned whether the episode “[broke] predetermined rules of time travel” MCU:

“Hate to be this guy, but doesn’t the latest Ms. Marvel series break the established rules of time travel in the MCU”

@droid254 pointed out how “Regulations [of time travel] keep changing” and many have been confused:

“The Marvel people are confusing us with time travel… The rules on some shows like Ms. Marvel change when Kamala goes back in time, she didn’t create a new timeline like we’ve seen from the movies and Loki.”

@TheGamingMag stated that phase 4 is “It’s a mess so far,” criticizing Ms. Marvel for the “[throwing] away anytime travel rules that End game created:”

“Ms. Marvel just created a time loop? Doesn’t that technically undo all the rules of time travel that Endgame created? Idk someone. Phase 4 of Marvel is a mess so far.”

@Yourtwelve shared a more canon-based explanation than the series “rocked Bruce Banner’s time travel theory:”

“Ms. Marvel has officially squashed Bruce Banner’s theory of time travel: ‘If you travel to the past, that past becomes your future, and your past present becomes your past, which your new future can’t change now.’

Marvel’s time travel rules are still confusing

The MCU may have made the mistake of setting up one of the most confusing rules of time travel ever. These complicated rules were largely designed to be more convenient for the story End game and Bowsbut have now become confusing when it comes to other projects led by different teams.

In the particular case Ms. Marvel, there is some justification for saying that Kamala may not be breaking the rules in saving her grandmother. During Loki’s original TVA hearing, Judge Rensselaer told the god of evil that the Avengers’ time heist was “should have happened” but his escape was not:

“We’re not here to talk about the Avengers. What they did had to happen.

Of course, this was all according to the Time-Keepers, who actually turned out to be The One Who Stays. But it still brought up the idea that along the only sacred timeline there are things related to time travel that are “should have happened,” and perhaps Kamala saving her grandmother was one of them.

After all, Ms. Marvel had always said that Sana reunited with her father just before the train arrived during partition, but no one ever knew that person was Kamala. So maybe there are some cases of time travel that don’t create new universes, but only if they fulfill this confusing and unclear closed-loop concept, like Time Heist and Kamala’s Partition trip.

Who knows if Marvel Studios will one day clarify their time travel rules or perhaps simplify them? Time travel is a confusing concept, perhaps even the brightest geniuses in the MCU don’t actually understand how it works like it does in the real world.

Ms. Marvel, Bowsand Avengers: Endgame all are now streaming on Disney+.

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