8 great art fairs to get your groove on this month in San Antonio

8 great art fairs to get your groove on this month in San Antonio

Despite the heat, it’s a glorious month to visit these San Antonio art galleries and institutions for some cutting-edge and genuine creativity. Check out Amy Shekhter’s vibrant pop art music icons at AnArte Gallery, or capture Mexika dancers exuding movement, energy and power in Elizabeth Jiménez Montelongo’s oil paintings at the Centro de Artes. The McNay showcases work by Asian American artists in Texas who push against societal perceptions, and the Dock Space Gallery showcases the work of artists from diverse Texas border towns. There’s no time like the present to start a gallery.

“Hellen Ascoli: (she remembers) it’s us” Now through September 11th

During Hellen Ascoli’s time at Artpace, she completed a pedagogical resource for educators in Guatemala focusing on the knowledge embodied in the backstrap loom. its sensory and embodied practices, its materiality and techniques, its relationship to language and its formation from and to place. The backstrap loom is a mobile, household tool made of wooden sticks. Pages from the book are projected on the north wall of the gallery as well as throughout the space in gestures created by the artist. Reflections and responses to these prompts are scattered throughout the collection in text, textiles, audio and photographs.

McNay Museum of Art
“Reflecting Selves: Asian American Artists in Texas” Now through October 9th

“Reflecting Selves” represents five Texas-based artists pushing against societal perceptions of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. Asian Americans have been integral members of American society for more than 200 years. Historically perceived as “The Other” or the eternal outsider, Asian Americans felt enormous pressure to assimilate into American norms. The artworks in this exhibit depict diverse Asian American experiences in American society due to harmful, discriminatory thoughts, actions, and perceptions. This exhibition aims to counter the myth and stereotypes of the minority.

Presa House
“Nick Hay: Bad Guys & Ghosts” – August 6 to 27

In his first solo exhibition in five years, San Antonio artist Nick Hay presents 60 new mixed media paintings developed on the periphery of his studio practice. From a variety of materials such as shells and leaves found on routine visits to local rivers to linen and wood scraps salvaged from work projects, he incorporates materials that further highlight the casual and experimental methods of his art-making process. Hay injects small amounts of autobiography (and hopefully some humor) into an approach that otherwise deals with larger narratives of human existence.

arts center
“Leila Hernández: La Visa Negra 2.5: Tendiendo los Rapitos al Sol” and “Elizabeth Jiménez Montelongo: The Euphoric Dance of the Unconquered Mind” August 9 to December 30

“La Visa Negra 2.5” is a collection of narratives that deal with time, identity and place through the cultural intersection between South Texas and Northern Mexico. The exhibition is a salute to the sweat and tears of these modern, resilient immigrants who forge their new lives through hard work. “The Euphoric Dance” features textured oil paintings of Mexican dancers exuding movement, energy and power to celebrate the ongoing tradition of indigenous dance ceremony. The vibrantly colored paintings celebrate spiritual liberation and honor indigenous ancestors.

AnArte Gallery
“Amy Shekhter: Rock Your World” August 10 to September 4

Amy Shekhter’s cheerful pop art incorporates iconic images of famous people sprinkled with nostalgia from the past, a jumble of objects and time periods that remind the artist of “happy pastimes.” Shekhter explains that “Combining these icons with my love of texture and mixed media, each piece is carefully crafted using layers of paint, hand-cast resin pieces, crystals, various objects and materials.” Viewers are encouraged to get lost in the playful backdrop and discover new objects and details, including icons such as Dua Lipa, Elton John, David Bowie, Madonna and Dolly Parton, to name a few.

Dock Space Gallery
“Raul Rene Gonzalez: This and That” and “Desde La Frontera” 13 to 31 August

“This And That” features mixed media paintings, drawings and sculptures created over the past two years by San Antonio multidisciplinary visual artist Raul Rene Gonzalez. The pieces draw inspiration from house music, architecture, labor, abstraction, social issues and pop culture. “Desde La Frontera” is an exhibition that focuses on issues around violence, body and mental health issues, irresistible aesthetics, happiness, cultural roots, heritage and love, what defines a person and how the bridge it is a link for working class people. building their economy on both sides of the border. The exhibit features artwork from artists representing three different border towns: Brownsville, Laredo, and Presidio.

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