2022 CrossFit Games Event Six “Up and Over” Results – Tia-Clair Toomey and Saxon Panchik Dominant

2022 CrossFit Games Event Six “Up and Over” Results – Tia-Clair Toomey and Saxon Panchik Dominant

Five-time reigning Fittest Woman on Earth® Tia-Clair Toomey started Event Six of the 2022 CrossFit Games in the overall lead by two points over 2021 Rookie of the Year Mal O’Brien. Ricky Garard won Event Five in a close fight from Husafell Bag Carrys up the Capitol Steps in Madison, WI, extending his lead over Roman Khrennikov and defending Fittest Man on Earth® Justin Medeiros.

On Friday, August 5, Event Six of the Games challenged the athletes with a three-round triplet of muscle-ups, jump-overs and GHD sit-ups followed by weighted lunges. Saxon Panchik took an early men’s lead and never gave up, winning the second game event of his career in impressive fashion.

Toomey also extended her overall lead, winning the 35th game event of her career. However, O’Brien’s efforts stemmed the bleeding to just a three-point lead with a second-place finish in Event Six.

Event Six – “Up and Over” results

Here are the full results from Up and Over at the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games:

Results of each woman

  1. Tia Clair Toomey — 11:58.92
  2. Mal O’Brien — 12::58.91
  3. Emma Lawson — 13:29.56
  4. Haley Adams — 13:41.11
  5. Danielle Brandon — 13:41.83
  6. Kara Saunders — 13:46.47
  7. Mathilde Garnes — 13:52.24
  8. Baylee Rayl — 14:15.70
  9. Paige Semenza — 14:30.20
  10. Ariel Lions — 14:36.73

Results of each man

  1. Saxon panchik — 12:40.00
  2. Justin Medeiros — 13:09.31
  3. Rick Garard — 13:17.76
  4. Samuel Kvant — 13:37.84
  5. Bjorgvin Karl Gudmundsson — 13:39.71
  6. Cole Sager — 13:44.84
  7. Noah Ohlsen — 14:05.20
  8. Patrick Velner — 14:09.22
  9. Uldis Upenieks — 14:13.72
  10. Spencer Panschik —14:13.97

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Event Six – Up and Over

Three laps for time:


Women: Jump 50-inch log, 30-inch box, 20-inch pig, lunge 125-pound axle bar
Men: Jump 50-inch log, 42-inch box, 20-inch pig, lunge 185-pound axle bar

Time limit: 18 minutes

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Up and Over not only challenged the athletes’ cardiovascular capacities, but also their muscular endurance and posterior chain strength.

Summary of Event Six

For the first time in these games, the men took the field before the women. In heat one, Malheiros took a slight lead after the first round of muscle-ups. He held that lead through the GHD sit-ups as Briant, Richelme, and Fikowski fought two reps back for second position. Richelme increased his pace and took the lead early in the second lap.

The box jumps turned out to be more difficult than expected as the athletes were not allowed to put their hands on the boxes. It was all lower body. Richelme let Zenoni and Briant catch up for part of the lead.

Match commentators noted Mertens’ unique strategy of getting a run-up before the jump to make up for his size disadvantage (Mertens stands at 5ft 4in and the box measures 42in).

At the beginning of the third round, Zenoni had a 10-rep lead. He finished the muscle ups by the 9:40 mark. Several athletes received no-rep calls jumping over the pig as they were not allowed to spin in mid-air – they had to land with their backs to the pig.

Zenoni reached the final GHDs first, still by a double-digit rep lead, and attacked the lunges with ferocity. He went unbroken for nearly three quarters of the course. Zenoni finished the race in 14:18.12 for the win in heat one.

Second run of the men

Judging by the athletes’ heavy breathing, the 81-degree heat took its toll. Nonetheless, Garard wanted to extend his 78-point lead in the standings ahead of heat two and remain in the mix of athletes setting the pace. Garard took the lead through two reps on the log.

Saxon Panchik kept pace with Garard at the GHDs, with Medeiros, Koski, Ohlsen and Guðmundsson each following a handful of reps. Panchik went through the muscle-ups unabated and maintained the lead to start the box jumps. He didn’t give up any time before starting his second set of GHDs all by himself.

Almost 18 reps behind Panchik were Vellner, Guðmundsson, Kwant and Garard. They all kept pace as they watched Panchik make his way back to the rig for his final set of muscle ups. When the eight minute mark passed, Panchik was still alone in the muscle ups. At the 10-minute mark, Panchik began his final GHD set – more than a dozen reps ahead of second-place Kwant.

Saxon achieved his lunges just under 11 minutes on the clock and went straight to work. He remained unbroken for more than half and over three minutes from time against Zenoni’s winning time in heat one. Panchik had to retire just before the finish line but it was still a big win for him as he crossed at 12:40.00.

Medeiros put in a final show of strength in the lunges and finished second in the event, with Garard just moments behind him. Kwant finished fourth with Guðmundsson right behind him. The top 10 finishes in heat two were faster than Zenoni’s time in heat one.

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Women’s Heat One

Freyová took an early lead with Gazan and Fuselier trying to catch up after recovering from grueling training in Event Six. The trunk height was the same for men and women, and the shorter athletes were of course at a disadvantage. Fuselier, who struggled in Event Six, was spot on in Event Seven to take the lead.

Fuselier’s background before CrossFit was a gymnast, and her skills were evident in the ring muscle ups. Baylee Rayl got in position to take the lead. She and Freyová attacked the second round of jump-overs together in front of the field. Rayl reached the second set of GHDs first after the seven minute mark. Fuselier clocked faster on the GHDs and gained a lot of time on Freyová.

The race for first place in heat one came down to a battle between Rayl and Fuselier as they approached the rig for the third lap as a pair. Rayl completed the muscle ups at 10 minutes and went to the final jump overs.

Rayl’s quick one-step-and-turn technique on the jumps on the hog extended her lead. She hit the last set of GHDs with a cushion of 20 reps over fuselier.

Rayl donned her sling and began doing the axle bar lunges. Carratala Sanahuja joined Fuselier and was battling for second place while Rayl was a runaway winner of the heat with a time of 14:15.70, lunging non-stop. Fuselier also stayed almost unbroken on the lunges, but dropped the bar in the final section. She placed second in a time of 15:55.70.

Second run of women

In the second heat, Toomey had an early lead out of goal. Eramo O’Connell, O’Brien, Brandon and Loewen were a handful of repeats behind the defending champion. Toomey was first in the GHD, moving around the field with fire and purpose.

With a sense of urgency, she returned to the rig. Lawson, O’Brien and Adams were hot on Toomey’s heels. Toomey once again went straight through the muscle-ups and dove straight into the box jump-overs. Her cycle frequency on the box extended her lead to near double-digit reps.

Toomey approached the GHDs in front of the pack for the second round in a row. Her cycle frequency on the sit-ups was consistent from start to finish. Toomey was attempting to extend her record of 34 match event wins to 35 when she shot back to the rig for the final time.

The last round of muscle-ups marked the first time Toomey took a break. She had about half a minute to give while O’Brien was in second place. Toomey stayed almost unbroken in the lunges to earn her second event win of the Games – 35th of her career – with a time of 11:58.92. O’Brien stormed into second place with the axle rod for a time of 12:58.91, leaving Toomey three points in the overall standings.

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The rest of the third day

On the third day of competition there is another event for the individuals. At the time of writing this article, Event Seven has not yet been revealed. Before the final day of competition on August 7th, 2022 there will be a reduction of 10 athletes in each individual class. Event seven is scheduled for 5:00 p.m. CDT.

Featured image: @saxon_panchik on Instagram

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